Draw Your Breath

This simple activity helps you to focus on your breath, focus on yourself and feel more calm. Give it a try! What does your breath look like when you draw it out? Will you use straight lines, curvy lines, zig zag lines? It is totally up to you!

Make Your Own Projector

You can make a simple projector at home to put on a picture show for your family! Let this activity also remind us that sometimes little things we do to help support someone in our family can actually be projected to big impact for our entire family.

Dealing with Frustration and Anger

What makes you frustrated? What makes you angry? Let your feelings out and then rebuild them into something positive.

What Makes You Bloom And Happy?

Picture yourself as a flower. If you were a flower what would you need to help you bloom and grow? Now think about you as a person and what kinds of self-care activities make you feel happy and refreshed? Check out this experiment with Maggie to see how sometimes it just take a little change to bloom.

What Would You Write To Your Future Self?

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine a future that is different. Create a postcard to your future self! Then imagine you are your future self and write back to your current self. Think about what your hopes for the future are. What is different that can be in our future?

Do You Ever Feel Like A Sinking Ship?

There may be things all around us that are upsetting. When we take on too many of these things, it can feel like you are being weighed down. How can your keep your boat from sinking?

Family Activity Jar

This activity is for your entire family! Do you ever run out of ideas of what you can do together? This is a great reminder of what each of you love to do and how you can do these things together!

Positivity Bottle

Can you name 5 positive things in your life? You can use this bottle each day and use it as a reminder of these positive things.

Make Your Own Fear Monster

When you are facing a fear, you can use your fear monster to help you through it.

Make Your Own Scream Box

When things feel like too much and that they are building up inside, let it out! When all you want to do is scream, use this tool to get through a difficult time.

How Much Can Your Internal Rain Cloud Hold

This experiment gives us a way to see our emotions. Sometimes your own emotions and the emotions of others can build up and feel like a heavy rain cloud over us. It is important to have ways to release your emotions when your cloud gets full.

How Do You Express Yourself?

Sometimes if can be hard to let out how we are thinking and feeling. Learn some new ways of how to express yourself!

You Are A Superhero

What does being a superhero mean to you? We think young caregivers are superheroes; courageous, responsible and overcome challenges.

You Are A Treasure

Sometimes we can feel like aren’t valued. It is important to know that each and every one of us is a treasure. Make a treasure box of what make you a treasure!

Supportive Hand Prints

Support comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter the size, we can all support one another.

How to Unwrinkle Our Hearts

As young caregivers we can feel complex emotions which can cause our hearts to be wrinkled. But no matter how wrinkled our hearts may be, we can still open them up and see them be whole!

Our Thoughts Affect Our Actions

The thoughts we have affect how we respond to things that make us angry, frustrated or stressed. By replacing our negative thought statements with positive thought statements, we can greatly change the result.

Self-Esteem Hearts

This one is for your family to do, together! Let you all know what you feel, think and love about each other.

Can you change Your Perspective?

Perspective allows us to see the whole situation and can change what we think and how we respond. Even if someone sees things different from you it can help to work together to come up with a better solution!

Door to Your Inner Self

In times where it may feel like we have no space, we always have our inner space that we can find safety in. The door to your inner self represents you…what colour is your door? What is it made of? Does it have a lock? Are there windows? What life experiences affect your door? Your door will represent how you feel about your inner self and who has access to it.

Stay At Home Kits

Click on the images below to view our stay at home kits

Stay At Home Kit Videos

These videos will walk through some of the pages from the Stay Home Kits. You can follow along with your Kit!

What causes you stress and what makes you feel better?

Make a Me Tree – who are you and who do you want to be?

What do you miss the most because of physical distancing?

Even when you feel down, you can be S.T.R.O.N.G.

Just a check-in and introducing the second Kit

It is important to stay connected to the people you can’t see every day

A challenge for you – take some time each day to do something for YOU

Using imagination to think of things that are fun

Get creative in the kitchen!

What has changed in the world around us? How are you dealing with these changes?

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.