Let’s get moving and breathing, like animals!

It is important to take time to get your body moving, each day. You can do this in your home when you feel the need to step away and take a break. Moving your body and breathing is a great way to promote calmer feelings.

Let’s get moving 

This is an easy workout you can do at home. Moving your body is a great way to work through times of stress.

Get Outside

It is important that you take time to be outside to get some sunshine and fresh air!  You can do these activities throughout the year!

Garden Yoga

A garden has trees, seeds, butterflies and flowers. Garden yoga gets your imagination and body working together. With added stress and worry at this time for young caregivers, it is important to take some time for you. This is an easy activity you can do at home, inside or outside!

Try Some CrossFit!

You can do as many rounds of these exercises as you choose. These exercises are a great way to move your body, release some stress, and time to focus on you!

Plank Challenge

This is a one minute plank challenge! Stretching our muscles is not only great for our bodies, it is also great for our minds! Try this challenge every day to build your strength and work towards holding your plank for longer and longer! Feeling stressed? Plank it out!

Dancing Newspapers

We have a lot of fun doing this activity in our programs. Try it at home!

Yoga – An Excellent relaxation strategy

Physical activity boosts mental health and wellness and can be used as a coping strategy in times of stress. Yoga is an excellent way to get active while focusing on breath and relaxation. You can do this at home and with your family!


Breathing is an excellent way to reduce stress and to bring awareness back to where you are in the moment, also known as mindfulness. The best part is that breathing can be done anywhere!